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Danny Dyer ‘greeted’ by Millwall fans as celeb spotted filming for The Football Factory SEQUEL

Renowned actor Danny Dyer has returned to the set of The Football Factory sequel, marking two decades since the iconic sports drama film’s release in 2004.

The EastEnders star, famous for his role as Tommy Johnson in the original movie, was recently spotted with a battered and bloody face during filming.

The sequel promises to deliver the same intensity, crime, and ultra-violence that made the first installment a cult classic.

The Football Factory, directed by Nick Love, debuted in 2004 and quickly gained recognition for its gripping portrayal of English football hooliganism.

Starring Tamer Hassan, Frank Harper, Roland Manookian, Neil Maskell, and Dudley Sutton, the film was loosely based on John King’s novel of the same name.

Danny Dyer’s character, Tommy Johnson, was a central figure in the narrative, representing the violent world of Chelsea hooliganism.

Fast forward twenty years, and Danny Dyer is reprising his role as Tommy Johnson in the sequel, which recently began filming in Essex.

Pictures from the set reveal Dyer sporting fake scratches and blood on his forehead, indicating that the sequel will not shy away from the gritty realism that made the original film so impactful.

Dyer, now 46, was captured in classic blue jeans, a navy button-up shirt, a matching jacket, and white sneakers as he navigated the set.

Between takes, he engaged with cast and crew members, capturing the essence of the behind-the-scenes camaraderie. One striking image shows the actor puffing on a cigarette as he walks away from the set, embodying the rebellious spirit of his character.

Celebrating 20 Years of The Football Factory: The return of The Football Factory was officially confirmed by Danny Dyer in an Instagram post in early December.

Excited about the upcoming project, Dyer revealed, “We’re gonna be bang on the marching powder, that’s the name of the film, by the way. And it starts on January 15th, and there’s gonna be more crime, drugs, and serious ultra-violence.”

The Football Factory sequel will pick up the story of the Headhunters (Chelsea supporters) and the Bushwackers (Millwall supporters) two decades after the original film.

Tommy’s life, consumed by drinking, drugs, and violence, is set to unfold in a new chapter of crime and chaos. Fans can anticipate a thrilling continuation of the intense narrative that captivated audiences in the early 2000s.

Rumours about Danny Dyer’s return to the role had been circulating for months before the official confirmation. Reports suggested that the actor, now a free agent after leaving EastEnders, had met with director Nick Love to discuss the sequel’s script, building anticipation among fans.

As filming progresses, the excitement surrounding The Football Factory sequel continues to grow. Danny Dyer’s return to his iconic role promises to deliver a nostalgic yet fresh take on the gritty world of football hooliganism.

With the actor’s enthusiasm and the creative vision of director Nick Love, fans can anticipate a sequel that pays homage to the original while exploring new dimensions of crime, drugs, and ultra-violence on the big screen.