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Pochettino Chelsea position safe because of one HUGE RISK!

Mauricio Pochettino looks tore safe in his Chelsea position on account of one huge risk the club would tale by sacking him.

Chelsea currently sit in 11th place in the Premier League table, following another poor home performance in which they were beaten 4-2 by Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Chelsea and Pochettino suffered another huge loss to Wolves at the weekend.

There have been many asking the question as to whether Pochettino will remain as Chelsea boss, given that his side’s performances have seen little improvement over his predecessor, Graham Potter.

Despite back to back heavy defeats from Liverpool and Wolves, owner Tod Boehly is yet to make his decision on Pochettino clear. And there may be one huge reason that the American investor is reluctant to dismiss his Argentinian head coach.

The risk taken if Chelsea sack Pochettino…

As has been the topic of many discussions recently in the Premier League, Chelsea’s decision to keep Pochettino for now seems to be as a result of the Premier League’s FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules.

Both Nottingham Forest and Everton have already been stung with investigations, which led to a 10-point deduction for the Merseyside club, with the Nottingham side awaiting their own deduction, which could be an unlimited point total.

And this is where Chelsea face their difficulty if they wish to dismiss Mauricio Pochettino.

They, alongside Newcastle United and Man City, are also currently in their own FFP crisis, having failed to shift players such as Trevor Chalobah, Armando Broja, and Connor Gallagher in the January window.

Moving such players on would have qualified as pure profit for the London club, helping them balance their books when it comes to the FFP maximum loss amount of £105 million over a 3-year period.

According to reports within the club, getting rid of Pochettino would cost Chelsea in excess of £10 million – further sinking them into the red in the eyes of the Premier League.

It would cost Chelsea over £10 million to sack Pochettino according to sources within the club.
It would cost Chelsea over £10 million to sack Pochettino according to sources within the club.

Not to mention that the club still owe former manager Graham Potter roughly £13 million from when they released him last April, further adding to their financial difficulties.

It is thought that a review of Pochettino’s time at the club will be held in June, after his first full year in charge.

As things stand, the Argentine’s position at the helm of Chelsea remains safe, even if only as a result of the perilous financial situation the club find themselves in.

The club spent £1 billion on a new playing squad under Boehly’s era, with Paul Winstanley and Laurence Stuart, the club’s decision makers, also coming under pressure due to their current situation.

Chelsea, along with fellow London sides Arsenal and Tottenham, have been part of a 2-day FFP meeting with Premier League officials to discuss a possible change in FFP rules throughout the league.

We are sure that they, alongside Pochettino, Newcastle United, and Man City, will be closely following the outcome with fingers crossed for the future.