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Mauricio Pochettino says Chelsea ‘should be FOURTH’ according to data

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has made a bold claim as he believes his side should be fourth in the Premier League table.

With the club languishing in 11th place on the Premier League table, a staggering 17 points adrift of the coveted fourth position currently occupied by Aston Villa, manager Mauricio Pochettino has turned to statistical analysis to defend his team’s credentials.

In a recent press conference, Pochettino boldly asserted, “We should be in fourth position according to all the data.”

This assertion comes amidst a flurry of criticism directed at the team’s lacklustre performances and underwhelming results.

However, the Argentine manager remains steadfast in his belief in the underlying metrics that paint a different picture of Chelsea’s season.

Delving into the numbers, it becomes apparent that Pochettino’s confidence is not entirely unfounded. Chelsea ranks fourth for expected goal difference per game, boasting a figure of 0.36.

Mauricio Pochettino believes his side should be 4th in the table. (Image: Getty)

This metric, derived from the expected goals (xG) framework, provides a deeper insight into a team’s attacking and defensive prowess, stripping away the randomness often associated with individual match outcomes.

With 50.64 xG for and 40.88 xG against in 27 games, Chelsea’s underlying performance metrics suggest a team capable of challenging at the upper echelons of the table.

However, the glaring disparity between expected performance and actual results is a perplexing conundrum for both fans and pundits alike.

Despite the promising statistics, Chelsea finds itself with a mere +2 goal difference (47-45), translating to a paltry 0.07 per game.

This inconsistency between expected and actual outcomes underscores the enigma surrounding Chelsea’s season—a puzzle that Pochettino is keen to decipher.

Nevertheless, a deeper dive into the metrics reveals a more nuanced narrative. While Chelsea excels in certain statistical categories, such as expected goal difference, they falter in many others.

From goals scored and shots taken to possession and touches in the opposition box, Chelsea finds itself trailing behind the top contenders.

Compounding the pressure on Chelsea is the weight of expectation fuelled by significant investment.

With over £1 billion spent on transfer fees since Todd Boehly assumed ownership, the club’s financial muscle has been flexed in pursuit of success.

However, the correlation between expenditure and on-field success remains elusive, as evidenced by Chelsea’s current predicament.

Injuries have further compounded Chelsea’s woes this season, disrupting team cohesion and rhythm.

As Chelsea’s FA Cup journey presents a glimmer of hope amidst the gloom, the impending clash against holders Manchester City in the semi-finals represents a daunting challenge.

For Pochettino and his players, it’s an opportunity to salvage silverware from a season marred by disappointment—a chance to defy the odds and silence the critics.