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Chelsea manager Emma Hayes REGRETS recent comments made on player-coach relationships

Chelsea Women’s manager Emma Hayes has regretted her recent comments regarding relationships between players, acknowledging that she may have misspoken and expressing regret over her choice of words.

During a news conference on Thursday, Hayes remarked that player-coach relationships and player-to-player relationships could be “inappropriate” and challenging for coaches to navigate.

However, following Chelsea‘s Women’s Super League victory over Arsenal on Friday, Hayes took the opportunity to address her earlier statement, admitting that she felt she had let herself down.

“I let myself down yesterday,” Hayes remarked candidly. “I didn’t think it was right for me to use the term inappropriate for the players.”

The context surrounding Hayes’ comments is notable, as they come amidst ongoing scrutiny in the footballing world regarding relationships between players and staff.

Leicester City boss Willie Kirk is currently under investigation by the club following an allegation of a player-coach relationship.

While the details of the investigation remain confidential, the incident has sparked conversations about appropriate boundaries within football clubs.

In light of this, Hayes’ remarks drew attention, prompting Chelsea defender Jess Carter to express her disagreement by liking a post on social media.

Carter’s action reflected a sentiment shared by many who found the notion of bringing player-to-player relationships into the conversation concerning.

“Jess and I have had a conversation, as I have with other players within the team,” Hayes disclosed. “I don’t take those things back, but I have zero criticism of any player in my dressing room for anything.”

Hayes reiterated her unwavering support for her players, emphasizing their professionalism and contributions to the club, regardless of their personal relationships.

“As I keep saying to our players all the time, even if we have disagreements in life, we mustn’t play them out publicly,”

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