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Brothers of World Cup and TREBLE winning star playing non-league English football

In the realm of football, the 2022-2023 season stands out as a remarkable chapter in the career of Argentinian striker Julian Alvarez.

From the high of securing a World Cup victory with his country in Qatar in December to completing the treble with Manchester City in Istanbul the following June, Alvarez’s accomplishments were undoubtedly historic.

Julian Alvarez found himself not only basking in the glory of international and club success but also passionately supporting his two brothers, Rafael and Agustin Alvarez, as they carved their own paths in English football’s 10th tier.

The story began when Julian, a rising star who made the move from Argentinian giants River Plate to Manchester City in the summer of 2022, brought his football-loving brothers along for the ride.

The trio, bonded by their shared passion for the beautiful game, sought not just the glitz and glamour of top-tier football but the grassroots experience that defines the sport at its core.

Enter Abbey Hey FC, a club based in Gorton playing in the North West Counties League First Division South.

What started as a quest for Rafael and Agustin to find a local semi-professional team to join turned into an unexpected association with Abbey Hey FC, creating a connection that transcended the usual boundaries of football hierarchies.

This image shows brothers Rafael and Agustin Alvarez training for Abbey Hey FC
Rafael and Agustin Alvarez pictured training for Abbey Hey FC (Image: ABNM Photography )

Man City STAR Julian Alvarez once scored SIX goals in one game!

The link was forged through John Fenton, a coach at Abbey Hey FC who also worked at Manchester City’s academy.

Upon learning that Julian’s brothers were eager to play for a local team, Fenton facilitated their integration into the squad, inviting them to training sessions and ultimately welcoming them into the Abbey Hey football family.

For Rafael and Agustin, the experience was not just about playing the game they loved but also about immersing themselves in the unique culture of English non-league football.

As Julian Alvarez soared to new heights with Manchester City, his brothers were making a name for themselves in the uncharted territories of English non-league football.

The trio’s journey symbolized the power of the sport to bridge gaps, connect communities, and weave stories that transcend the boundaries of professional and amateur distinctions.

In a season that saw Julian Alvarez etch his name in the annals of football history, the parallel narrative of his brothers thriving in the non-league circuit added a layer of depth to the overarching story.

It was a season like no other, not just for the triumphs on the pitch but for the bonds forged in the unlikeliest of places—the non-league grounds of the north-west of England.