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Formula 1 teams and their Premier League equivalents

Football can be very similar to F1 where you have your teams with the biggest budget dominating for years and every now and then a smaller team comes through and surprises everyone.

McLaren dominated the late 80’s and late 90’s.

Williams in the early 90’s dominated, and in the early ’00s along came the well-established Ferrari back to dominate once again.

Renault (Now Alpine) grabbed a couple of titles in 2005 and 2006.

Then came a Red Bull and Mercedes period of dominance, with many titles between them.

Just like Man City winning many titles in recent years.

Now we will compare each chosen Premier League club with a similar F1 team.

Manchester City – Mercedes

Dominated for years with Juan Manuel Fangio but then disappeared for a while, now they have returned with big investment, bigger and better than ever.

Winning many titles with hardly any real competition throughout the recent years.

Lewis Hamilton driving Mercedes F1 car around the Austria circuit.
Manchester City and Mercedes are very similar (Wiki Commons)

Liverpool – Ferrari

The old great of the sport, gaining momentum year on year, making a strong comeback and starting to win more.

Went through periods of struggle but find themselves back In the mix with the big boys.

Carlos Sainz driving the Ferrari Formula 1 car around the track.
Both teams are famously known for sporting the distinct red colours (Wiki Commons)

Chelsea – Red Bull

Red Bull F1 team was only founded in 2005, a bit similar to Chelsea in terms of success, they started to become competitive in 2005 and have found themselves pumped with investment, winning many titles throughout the years but are always susceptible to an off-season.

Red Bull are also known to be ruthless with their drivers, a bit like Chelsea with their managers.

Max Verstappen driving a Red Bull.
Huge investments, both became competitive in 2005. Won lots of trophies. (Wiki Commons)

Arsenal – McLaren

A team that dominated the late 90’s and was up there amongst the best for many years but recently have gone on a huge trophy drought, picking up the odd runners-up trophy in many years.

A team that is on its way back to the top with a big budget but has spent money in the wrong areas.

Brought in many drivers who were destined for success but it never worked out.

Lando Norris in the papaya McLaren 2021.
Both teams had great success back in the day, both now starting to challenge for titles. (Wiki Commons)

Man United – Williams

A team full of rich history, one of the most successful out there.

But, the team has been a laughing stock as of late and results have been very poor compared to the 90’s and 2000’s.

They’ve got a huge fan base worldwide but even the fans are dreaming of the glory days to return.

Now with new personnel on board and a fresh young manager, Arsenal will be hoping to reach the heights of the old glory days.

Alex Albon in a Williams F1 car.
Both celebrated past glories, now they’ve both got nothing to boast about. (Wiki Commons)

Tottenham – Alpine

Flashes of brilliance, both without a championship trophy since the late 2000’s. Both had some big names representing them over the years.

Sometimes they will put on a real inspiring performance and then a week later they will have a nightmare.

Spurs are Alpine – Every time they get into a winning position, they eventually get caught and overtook by the bigger teams. (Flickr Stock Photo)

Aston Martin – Aston Villa

English heritage both on the track and on the football pitch.

Both teams have had glory in the past, both pumped with big financial investments.

Aston Martin just like Aston Villa have started to climb up the table lately and have caused a few upsets on the way.

Just not quite good enough to win a title but they are in and around the top 5.

Both Aston’s are on the rise, well organised teams with rich history (Wiki Commons)

RB Cash App VISA F1 Team – Fulham

Formely know as Toro Rosso and most recently Alpha Tauri, RB have been around for many years hovering around the middle of the table.

Every now and again they will come up with a huge surprise result, but not only that, they end up signing players or drivers from Chelsea (Red Bull) or Arsenal (McLaren) when they are a little past their best, just like Willian (Daniel Ricciardo).

They will never have the spending power to compete with the top 6 but they are always safe, pulling out some huge results in the middle of the pack.

Built up a reputation of being quite a ‘boring’ team to watch, unless they’re playing Manchester United at Old Trafford of course.

Let us know what you think of our F1 team comparisons and let us know who you think Haas are like?