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Former World Cup winner turned ‘entrepreneur’ David Silva now owns successful wine business

Former World Cup winner and Manchester City legend David Silva has found himself a new hobby after retiring from football.

The Spaniard, who spent 10 years at Man City winning four Premier League titles, now runs his own wine business.

The 2010 World Cup winner owns a successful wine business which he started in 2019 with winemaker Jonatan Garcia.

The name of the wine business is called Bodega Tameran, in the Canary Islands.

David Silva with a box of his own wine.
The former City star with a box of Tameran wine (Credit: Instagram)

Silva bought a huge farm which was almost one million square metres, situated in the centre of the Canary Islands where David Silva was born.

Winemaker and business partner Jonatan Garcia was asked if Silva was a wine fans and his reply was: “Yes, he’s a freak. He is obsessive. When he does something he wants to be the best. It is the same with football”.

David Silva said that his main goal was to “make high-quality wine”.

David Silva with business partner Jonatan Garcia.
David Silva with his business partner Jonatan sampling wine (Credit: The Sourcing Table)

Silva said: “Above all, they are wines that will tell you where they are from, you will know that they are from the Canary Islands”.

Where can I purchase this wine?

To buy a bottle of Silva’s fantastic wine, it could set you back a pretty hefty amount with one bottle costing up to £150 but you can’t put a price on quality!

But luckily, there are more options, with cheaper variations of the wine which you can find here.

All varieties of his prestigious wine has been exported across the world and you can even buy the wine online.

The 38-year-old also owns real estate including 125 apartments, a 22-room hotel, a golf course and an 88-house resort. Impressive, not just a genius on the pitch!

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