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A list of Wayne Rooney’s old Tweets will have you laughing, some are comedy gold

Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney may have had a reputation for not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

But from what he ‘lacked in the knowledge department’ – not our words Wayne! He certainly made up for on the football pitch.

The striker from Liverpool bagged 237 goals at senior level for club and a further 53 for England.

Wayne Rooney playing for DC United
Wayne Rooney is a living legend of the game. (Credit: Flickr Stock Photo)

His star-studded career spanned over 19 years right from 2002 before he turned to management, the less said about that the better.

He was recently sacked as the manager of Birmingham City after a disappointing run of results.

The 38-year-old has been known to be ‘outspoken’ and is not afraid to make his opinion known, just ask Cristiano Ronaldo about that.

Unfortunately for Wayne, the internet can be a very cruel place and everything you have said in the past always comes back to haunt you.

The former Everton striker was a serial Twitter user during its early days and some of his old Tweets are just comedy gold.

We are going to show you some genuine classic Tweets from the former England captain below using old Twitter screenshots thanks to @UtdOptimist – X.

List of old Wayne Rooney Tweets on Twitter

Wayne showing his compassionate side in 2012.

Another Wayne Rooney Tweet
Wayne had to offer himself out because no one else wanted the smoke.

Rooney tweeting about his hair transplant
It looked great, at the time…

Wayne Rooney tweet about Gary Neville
Probably better off not explaining Wayne…

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“Shut up u egg” an absolute classic, I’m sure Piers has been called worse…

Wayne Rooney on Twitter.
Can’t argue with Wayne here.

Classic banter, I bet the horse loved it.

Has anyone seen Jermain Defoe since this incident? Hope he’s ok.

Unfortunately, Wayne Rooney will have to live with these old Tweets forever but I am sure he won’t be too phased by it whilst sitting in his huge mansion.