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When Aldershot Town manager went ‘full David Brent’ in strange interview

We’ve all been in a situation before when nothing but tripe comes out of someone’s mouth and you are standing there thinking ‘what the f**k is he talking about?’.

Well, it was the case for the former Aldershot Town manager who started rambling on about ‘4 talking dogs in Terry’s briefcase’.

He didn’t stop there, he also made an analogy about a tree falling and a penguin getting cold.

You can watch the bizarre interview from Mark Molesley, who is now the current manager of Gosport Borough.

The interview reminded us of David Brent from BBC comedy series The Office where in the interviews just like Mark Moseley, Brent comes out with the weirdest analogies.

He was sacked a few months after this rather peculiar interview, it was entertaining, to say the least! Let us know your thoughts.