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Jack Grealish STILL out in Ibiza on the ‘sesh’ as fans ‘worried’ for his well-being

Manchester City midfielder and recent treble-winner Jack Grealish has been enjoying his time off the pitch, maybe too much.

The 25-year-old has been partying non-stop since Manchester City sealed the treble.

jack grealish ibiza
Grealish has been in the headlines several times due to his drinking antics (Credit: ManCity)

From downing a full bottle of vodka to soaking it up in Ibiza, it’s fair to say Jack Grealish is milking every second of his well-deserved summer break.

But as always, many fans on Twitter are very concerned with his drinking habits calling him the next ‘Gazza’.

The Man City star was spotted in Ibiza at the weekend still celebrating City’s historic treble-winning triumph.

Another Twitter user claims that Grealish is ‘letting himself and Man City down’.

As role models, athletes have a responsibility to promote positive values and behaviours to inspire their fans, especially the younger generation.

Their actions, both on and off the field, can influence millions of impressionable minds. However, it is equally essential for society not to place unrealistic expectations on athletes and allow them to have a personal life away from their professional commitments.

Is Jack Grealish becoming a problem or is he just enjoying himself? Let us know!