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Harry Maguire appeared to have INJURED fellow Man United teammate Anthony Martial

Manchester United fans were left frustrated and disappointed after their team’s 3-0 defeat to Sevilla in the Europa League quarter-final last night.

But what made matters worse was that Anthony Martial had to be taken off due to an injury that was picked up during the match.

As the game progressed, Man United were trailing by a goal and desperately needed to equalize to keep their hopes of progressing alive.

But things went from bad to worse when Sevilla scored their second goal of the night, just after half-time.

Man United put on one of their WORST performances in Europe for a very long time.

It was during this phase of the game that Martial went down injured, forcing him to be substituted early.

But what caused Martial’s injury?

According to some keen-eyed Manchester United fans, the blame for the injury lay squarely at the feet of one of his teammates, Harry Maguire.

Fans spotted that the injury occurred when Maguire pushed Austrian midfielder Marcel Sabitzer into Martial while scrambling to clear the ball from the corner.

Although the incident appeared to be unintentional, it was clear to some fans that Maguire’s actions had led to Martial’s injury.

Some supporters took to social media to express their frustration with the situation, with many questioning the decision to include Maguire in the starting lineup for such an important game.

The injury to Martial couldn’t have come at a worse time for Manchester United. With the FA Cup semi-final against Brighton just around the corner, the Frenchman’s absence is a big blow to their hopes of winning the tournament.

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