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Erling Haaland could be BANNED for FA Cup final against Man Utd

Erling Haaland finds himself in hot water after an incident during the Premier League title celebrations.

The Norwegian striker could potentially face a ban from the FA Cup final against Manchester United, reminiscent of a similar suspension handed to Wayne Rooney in a Manchester derby FA Cup semi-final in 2011.

During Manchester City’s Premier League title celebrations following their 1-0 victory over Chelsea, Erling Haaland inadvertently swore on live television. Unaware that his words would not be censored, Haaland exclaimed, “I f****** love ya, you know that!” directed at his teammate Jack Grealish before swiftly retreating.

This unexpected outburst has caught the attention of football authorities and has raised the possibility of disciplinary action being taken against the young striker.

This incident draws parallels with a similar situation involving Wayne Rooney during the 2011 FA Cup tie between Manchester United and Manchester City.

Rooney, in a moment of passion and triumph, directed an expletive-laden celebration towards a Sky Sports camera after scoring a hat-trick in a 4-2 comeback victory against West Ham.

The FA subsequently suspended Rooney for two matches, denying him the opportunity to play in an FA Cup semi-final against City, which United ultimately lost 1-0.

Given the historical precedent set by Rooney’s suspension, Erling Haaland could face a ban from the FA Cup final against Manchester United.

The Football Association has a responsibility to maintain the integrity of the game and has shown in the past that it takes disciplinary matters seriously.

A suspension for Haaland would undoubtedly have a significant impact on Manchester City’s chances in the final, potentially hindering their quest for a treble.

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