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Cristiano Ronaldo REFRAINS from punching referee after receiving RED CARD

During the Saudi Super Cup semi-final clash between Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal, Cristiano Ronaldo had a bit of a nightmare.

At the age of 39, the Portuguese phenom was sent off after what can only be described as an impromptu attempt at a chest-to-elbow greeting with Ali Al Bulayhi.

Ronaldo, renowned for his remarkable athleticism and goal-scoring prowess, showcased a different kind of skill as he gracefully swung his elbow into Al Bulayhi’s chest, who then gracefully descended to the ground.

It was a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination in the category of Best Dramatic Fall in a Football Match.

But wait, the show didn’t stop there. As the red card flashed before his eyes, Ronaldo raised his fist towards the referee.

However, in a plot twist, Ronaldo refrained from throwing that punch.

Despite the setback, Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr fought valiantly, with Sadio Mane even managing to salvage a goal in stoppage time. But alas, it wasn’t enough to overcome the two-goal deficit.

With three-time winners Al-Hilal advancing to the final, football fans eagerly anticipate whether Ronaldo’s absence will leave a gaping hole in the Al-Nassr lineup or pave the way for an unexpected underdog story.