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Juventus manager SACKED after rampage & red card!

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has been relieved of his position with the club following an outburst in the dying minutes of the Italian Cup Final which led to his sending off!

Allegri has been at the helm of the Italian club since 2014, overseeing 5 Serie A championship titles, 5 Coppa Italia trophies, 2 Supercoppa Italias, and even 2 runners-up trophies in the Champions League.

His side were 1-0 up against Atalanta at the Stadia Olimpico in Rome when Allegri was seen to be engaged in an aggressive verbal onslaught of Juventus’ Director of Sport Cristiano Giuntoli.

Juventus manager Massimo Allegri has managed Juventus to 5 Serie A Championships and 5 Coppa Italia trophies.
Juventus manager Massimo Allegri has steered the club to 5 Serie A Championships and 5 Coppa Italia trophies. Image credit: Juventus

Allegri was also accused by Tuttosport director Gido Vaciago of confronting him in an aggressive manner after the game.

Vaciago said: “After the game, Allegri told me: you’re a shitty director! Write the truth in your newspaper, not what the club tells you. Look, I know where to come and get you. I know where to wait for you. I’ll come and rip off both your ears. I’ll come and hit you in the face. Write the truth in your newspaper.”

This recent win was the 5th Coppa Italia that Allegri has won whilst Juventus manager, and the price he paid for his outburst was that it will be his last.

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Despite denying the allegations from the pair of directors, Allegri was captured on video during his incredibly animated outburst, and the club decided to let him go.

Watch below as the Italian manager loses it pitch-side!

Juventus released a statement on Allegri’s situation saying:

“Juventus announces that it has relieved Massimiliano Allegri of his role as coach of the men’s first team. The dismissal follows certain behaviors during and after the Italian Cup final which the club deemed incompatible with the values of Juventus and with what those who represent it must behave. A period of collaboration ends, which began in 2014, restarted in 2021 and ended after the last 3 seasons together with the Coppa Italia Final. The club wishes Massimiliano Allegri good luck in his future projects.”