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Arsenal fans unveil HYPOCRITICAL ‘oil money’ banner at Emirates

Arsenal fans MOCKED Manchester City with a banner relating to their Premier League charges before their 1-1 draw at home to Brentford.

The Gunners now have a 3-point lead over Manchester City but the pair are set to face each other on Wednesday in a HUGE clash.

A Man City win will take the Blues to the summit of the Premier League so the stakes are very high.

A section of Arsenal fans made a new banner to criticise the Citizens and reads “Arsenal FC. Class and tradition. Something oil money can’t buy.”

Man City were subject to a huge financial takeover back in 2008 by Abu Dhabi United Group who made their fortunes from oil.

The club are currently in the midst of a huge legal battle after over 100 allegations were made against them although some of these allegations have already been dropped.

Arsenal fans held up a banner aimed at City before kick-off (Image: Action Images via Reuters)

Hypocritically, Arsenal fans who revealed the ‘oil money’ banner must take into consideration that their owner Stan Kroenke, owns a WHOPPING 535,000 acres of land.

Kroenke paid £500m for the land back in 2016, which includes over 100 OIL WELLS.

Just one of the many oil wells the Arsenal owner possesses (Image: The Sun)

Evidently, this shows that Arsenal are funded by oil money, it may not be as much as their rivals but it’s still enough to recognise that their banner is nothing but total hypocrisy.

Furthermore, Arsenal’s main sponsor Emirates Group, are FUNDED by oil money in the Middle East.

My conclusion is people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

Arsenal v Manchester City on Wednesday should be a spectacular match, who wins? Let us know!