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The Bellingham Transfer saga

The year 2020 was an extremely weird time for everyone…. covid, lockdowns due to covid and Boris Johnson deciding to have Clubland at Downing Street but for the world of football the one thing that stood out was the transfer of one Jude Bellingham to Borussia Dortmund from his boyhood club of Birmingham City.

With the young Englishman being a hot topic with many teams home and abroad all wanting him it was always known that he wont be at the St Andrews based club for long… so Dortmund acted and bought the Midfielder for a fee said to be around £25 million… making him the most expensive 17 year old in history. Its safe to say that the midlands club had sprung a deal that most likely wont happen for them again in the years to come but.. we never know.

Bellingham made his debut in September 2020 and went on to score the second goal in what ended up as 5-0 win becoming the clubs youngest goalscorer.

So with the young midfielder being a hot subject right now lets dive in and talk transfers…

Its never been a secret that clubs like Liverpool Manchester City and Real Madrid were keen on signing the player with his price being locked at least a £100 million dortmund are not going to lose him without a fight.

with Liverpool having no choice but to pull out of the race as they refused to agree to the £135 million fee that dortmund asked for not forgetting add ons as well it was a crushing blow to the Mersyside club as they are looking to boost their squad for the new season.

Liverpool out of the race then cleared the way for Spanish giants Real Madrid who have reportedly managed to agree a deal with Jude and his team and now will try to get Dortmund to allow the deal to go ahead.

Real Madrid are expected to meet with Dortmund to start negotiations in may.

Image: Planet Sport

Will he stay or go either way all eyes will be watching him no matter who he plays for