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Champions League: Can you answer these 10 questions correctly?

The UEFA Champions League has been bringing together the cream of the European football crop for over 70 years now. Show us how much you know by answering these 10 UCL questions!

The league was created by Gabriel Hanot and Jacques Ferran, after the highly successful South American Championship of Champions in 1948 inspired them to create something similar for European football.

The format of the tournament has remained majoritively the same, being a round-robin group stage that sees 2 teams from each group move on to a double-leg knockout format.

First Champions League
The first ever European Cup (Champions League). Image credit: Shaaynesports

The only real changes made by the organisers of the Champions League is the introduction of more teams (and so more matches), as well as the dumping of the ‘away goal rule’ in recent years.

The away goal rule used to see away goals valued more heavily than ones scored on home turf. So, if the second leg of a knockout ended in a draw, but one team had scored more of their goals in their away match, they would be granted the victory.

This rule has long sparked debate as to whether it adds to the competition, or acts as a strange loophole that can grant a team a sudden (and sometimes anti-climactic) victory. It also made for a strange scenario when teams who had the same home stadium played each other (such as the Milan sides at the San Siro).

AC Milan vs Inter Milan Champions League
The away goal rule created a strange scenario for AC Milan & Inter Milan, who both call San Siro their home. Image credit: The Mirror

Although this is not something that happened often in the competition, it still highlighted the strange format the rule brought to the Champions League.

You may know who has the most UCL goals to their name, but do you know who scored the VERY FIRST one?

Do you know how many times English teams have won the competition, or even who the first English team was to do so?!

Show us what you know about the pinnacle of European football and play our 10-question quiz below! 👇

Can you answer these 10 questions about the UEFA Champions League?

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