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Man City v Man Utd: Fans clash with each other after FA Cup Final

Tensions between football rivals Manchester United and Manchester City escalated to violent clashes following the FA Cup final at Wembley.

Disturbing scenes captured in a circulating video on social media showed fans wearing red and blue shirts engaged in physical altercations outside the tube station in London.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed several arrests, including one fan wearing an offensive t-shirt referencing the Hillsborough tragedy.

Such incidents highlight the need for increased fan responsibility and measures to prevent violence in football.

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As fans exited Wembley Stadium after the FA Cup final, a situation quickly escalated into a violent confrontation between Manchester United and Manchester City supporters.

man city fans fight with man u fans
City and United fans fight with each other at Wembley. (Credit: Twitter)

The video footage shared on social media displays individuals in red and blue shirts throwing punches and engaging in aggressive behavior.

fa cup final fight wembley
The final was marred by violent scenes (Credit: Twitter)

Such scenes are undoubtedly distressing and have no place in football or society as a whole.

The Metropolitan Police, responsible for maintaining order and security, swiftly intervened to address the situation.

man city man utd fight
A concerned Manchester City fan tries to get out of the way of the fight. (Image: Twitter)

Multiple arrests were made throughout the day, including that of James White, a 33-year-old supporter from Warwickshire.

White was charged with displaying threatening or abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress.

His offensive t-shirt, referencing the Hillsborough tragedy, sparked rightful outrage. He has been granted bail and is scheduled to appear at Willesden Magistrates’ Court on June 19.

Manchester City came out victorious after a 2-1 win against their neighbours thanks to a double from midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.

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