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8 Leicester City fans BANNED due to matchday violence in Nottingham

8 Leicester City supporters have received bans from attending football matches following a violent incident last year in Nottingham’s city centre when they met Forest in the 4th round of the FA Cup.

Nottingham Forest dealt the Foxes a 4-1 defeat on the 6th of February 2022 in the 4th round of the FA Cup. While most fans in blue shirts were graceful in defeat, others were not.

A group of 8 of Leicester’s supporters took to the city centre in the mood for trouble, and as they made their way past Chapel bar they found somebody to target. As reports (and later footage) describe it, the men began to act aggressively to an individual stood in the doorway of the bar.

Nottingham Forest Leicester FA Cup
Nottingham Forest dispatched Leicester City 4-1 in the 4th Round of the FA Cup last year. Image credit: The Independent

The interaction didn’t take long to escalate into violence, and the disgruntled Leicester fans caused almost £1000 in damages to the bar, throwing bottles and furniture at the building in an attempt to reach their target who had retreated inside.

On the day of the incident, 5 of the group were positively identified as being involved in the violence and property damage – unsurprising, considering that this was done in broad daylight.

These were Craig Jones, Tyrone Smith, Neil Munden, Przemyslaw Danik, and Craig Flint. The other 3 men were identified from footage of the incident – Nathan Charles, Warren Green, and Samuel James-Molloy.

The men attended Nottingham Crown Court today, charged with violent disorder. All 8 men plead guilty and were issued football banning orders, as well as prison sentences. Their sentences were as follows…

Leciester fans Nottingham Forest violence
Craig Jones (left), Tyrone Smith (right) and Craig Flint (middle), 3 of the men involved in the violence in Nottingham City centre. Image credit: Nottinghamshire Police

Craig Jones (24) and Tyrone Smith (38), were handed 16 month prison sentences and given 6-year football banning orders.

Craig Flint (41) was sentenced to 21 months in prison and given a 6-year football banning order. He was also involved in another violent incident on the same day, which was considered in his sentencing.

Nathan Charles (37), Warren Green (60) and Samuel James-Molloy (25) were handed 14 month prison sentences suspended for 2 years and given 4-year football banning orders. They were also each made to pay £250 in compensation.

Neil Munden (53) and Przemyslaw Danik (41) were given 15-month sentences, suspended for 20 months. They were also handed 4-year football banning orders and each made to pay £250 compensation.

Charles, Green, James-Molloy, Munden and Danik were handed orders to carry out 140 hours of unpaid work along with their sentences.

CPS Sports Lead Prosecutor, Douglas Mackay commented during the trial that “significantly more fans are taking part in criminal disorder at matches” and that “We (CPS) will continue to work closely with the police, football authorities and fan groups to stamp this out.”