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QUIZ: Match these 7 CELEBRITIES to the football clubs they have owned!

Celebrities have long been drawn to the notion of purchasing shares in their childhood football club, spending their swathes of money on fulfilling a childhood dream. In this quiz, we ask you to match 7 celebrities to the club they own/have owned!

Purchasing a football club doesn’t come cheap. This makes such a venture something that lives within the realm of possibility only for large corporations, or the incredibly wealthy individual. Take for example Manchester United’s current bidding situation as the Glazers consider selling the club, with Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim being just 2 of a bunch of Billionaires who are battling for ownership of the famous club.

It comes as no surprise then that a vast array of celebrities, from musicians to actors, and even other sports stars have found themselves with shares in a football club at some point or another. Most recently, a certain Canadian/American acting duo purchased a non-league UK club and doing great things with them!

We have lined up 7 high-profile celebrities who have/have had shares or full ownership of a football club within recent years, and we challenge you to correctly name all of them!

Play the quiz below!

Match these 7 CELEBRITIES to the club they have owned!

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