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QUIZ: Name the 10 famous cities these football stadiums are in!

QUIZ: Can you name all 10 famous cities these football stadiums reside in? Play below and find out!

We have challenged you before to match clubs to their stadium, name stadiums from a bird’s eye view, and even name stadiums based on their postcode!

In this new quiz, you will need to combine your knowledge of world football stadiums and correctly name the famous city these 10 arenas are situated in.

Would you be able to identify if you were looking at Zurich, Switzerland? Or Hamburg in Germany?

We’ve not made this quiz easy for you either – infamous-looking stadiums such as the San Siro are not featured in this quiz – though every stadium misplaced in a famous city you will more than likely have heard of!

Football stadiums quiz san siro
The instantly-recognisable San Siro stadium (not featured in this quiz!) – Image credit: The Guardian

Play the quiz below and show us what your football stadium geography looks like! 👇

Name the city these 10 famous stadiums are in!

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