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The story of when Duncan Ferguson nearly ‘killed’ home intruders

On a seemingly ordinary night, Duncan Ferguson, the iconic figure whose legacy remains etched in the hearts of Everton fans, was at home with his family, enjoying the tranquillity that comes with retired life.

Little did he know that this night would turn into one of the most extraordinary chapters in his life.

Ferguson, who played for Everton when the attempted burglary took place in January 2001, was lying on his living room sofa when the two thieves entered his home just before 1am.

After hearing the men enter his home, he went to confront the intruders while his wife and three-month-old baby were in bed.

The striker had an FA Cup match against Watford the following morning.

As he settled into his evening routine, Ferguson found himself engrossed in a book, with his thoughts drifting away from the world of football.

His family was nestled safely within the comforting walls of their home. However, the quietude was soon interrupted by an unusual sound that instantly raised his instincts.

The moment of realization

Ferguson describes the pivotal moment when he heard an unfamiliar noise that sent shivers down his spine. He recalled, “I was reading when I heard the noise—a noise that didn’t belong.

It was like a distant thunder, except it was too rhythmic to be the elements. My heart raced, and I knew something wasn’t right.”

In that moment, the retired footballer knew he had to act swiftly to protect his loved ones.

As any father and husband would, he felt a surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins, giving him the courage to confront the potential threat head-on.

The courageous confrontation

True to his reputation as an Everton legend, Duncan Ferguson did not hesitate for a moment.

He made a quick decision to investigate the source of the disturbance. He calmly assured his family, “I’ll be up in five minutes,” while concealing the alarm that was growing inside him.

Creeping through the darkened hallways of his home, Ferguson’s senses were on high alert. He was determined to uncover the intruders’ identity and intentions.

In those tense moments, he realized that he was not only protecting his property but also the safety of his family.

Upon reaching the source of the disturbance, Ferguson found himself face-to-face with a group of burglars.

Despite the odds stacked against him, he bravely confronted them, using his physical presence and charisma to intimidate the intruders.

His commanding aura and unmistakable footballer physique likely played a significant role in diffusing the situation.

“I was ripped back then, I could take my top off.

“I got up and I could see the two shadows coming through my conservatory.

“Basically that was it. I got a grip of one of them… and that’s when I got angry.

“I got angry and I really unloaded on the fella. I really followed in like, you know what I mean? To the state where I actually thought I’d killed him.”

The Slam ‘Dunc’

The burglars, confronted by the legendary footballer’s presence, hastily retreated, understanding that they had underestimated the resilience and bravery of their intended victim.

Duncan Ferguson had not only defended his home but also protected his family from potential harm.

Police were summoned to the residence shortly after the incident, and after assessing the situation, they concluded that the football legend’s actions were deemed “justified.”

Subsequently, Michael Pratt and Barry Dawson, the identified burglars, were sentenced to 15 months in jail.

Duncan Ferguson also known as ‘Big Dunc’ spoke to former Cruiserweight World Champion, Tony Bellew in a podcast where he discussed the dramatic events that unfolded.

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