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Ryan Reynolds hangs up on Sir Alex Ferguson in awkward video call

Wrexham AFC may have just produced one of the greatest promo videos of all time as they announce their friendly match with Manchester United.

The match is due to take place on the 25th of July at the Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California.

Wrexham co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds launched a video call with one of the greatest managers of all time Sir Alex Ferguson but they were treated to a frosty reception as both Rob and Ryan kept rambling on.

Ryan Reynolds abruptly ended the video call with the former Manchester United manager as he made a poor excuse.

You can watch the hilarious video below, wait for the twist at the end:

Wrexham are on target for promotion to the Football League but are being closely followed by Notts Couty who sit 3 points behind in 2nd place.