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Jurgen Klopp questions referee Paul Tierney after Spurs match

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) has strongly refuted suggestions made by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp that referee Paul Tierney’s actions were “improper” during Liverpool’s 4-3 win over Tottenham on Sunday.

The Football Association (FA) is investigating Klopp’s post-match comments after he claimed Tierney has something against his team.

Klopp’s frustration arose after Tierney cautioned him for his celebration following Diogo Jota’s 94th-minute winner. Klopp was also upset with the free-kick given to Spurs, which led to their equaliser.

Klopp alleged that Tierney has a history of bias against Liverpool, but PGMOL has dismissed Klopp’s accusations and stated that Tierney acted professionally throughout the game.

PGMOL reiterated that match officials are recorded in all games via a communications system and reviewed the audio of Tierney’s performance.

The organization confirmed that Tierney acted in a professional manner when issuing the caution to Klopp, and therefore refuted Klopp’s allegations.

The disagreement between Klopp and Tierney appears to date back several years. Klopp accused Tierney of telling him to “get over it” after he admitted missing a foul on Georginio Wijnaldum in a game against Aston Villa in 2020.

In a 2-2 draw against Tottenham in 2021, Klopp approached Tierney and said “I have no problem with any referees, only you,” after Harry Kane escaped a red card.

In January 2022, after a loss to Brentford, Klopp said he approached the officials, including Tierney, to discuss decisions made during the game.

Klopp’s frustration with Tierney has also resulted in disciplinary action against him. Klopp received a one-match ban and a fine of £30,000 and was warned about his future conduct after being sent-off against Manchester City in October 2021.

In conclusion, PGMOL has strongly refuted Klopp’s allegations of bias against Tierney and reaffirmed that Tierney acted professionally throughout the game.

Klopp’s frustrations with Tierney appear to date back several years, and his comments have resulted in disciplinary action against him. It remains to be seen whether the FA will take any further action against Klopp following their investigation into his post-match comments.