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Jamal Lascelles and his brother attacked in Newcastle city centre brawl

Newcastle United captain Jamaal Lascelles was part of a shocking City centre brawl as him and his brother received death threats.

The incident, which took place in the early hours of Sunday, August 20, has brought both concern and admiration for the defender’s courage and protective instincts.

On the backdrop of a narrow 1-0 loss to Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, Newcastle’s squad was granted a couple of days off by their manager, Eddie Howe.

As players looked to unwind, Lascelles and his group of friends decided to spend the evening at the Chinawhite nightclub in Newcastle’s city centre.

However, the night took an unexpected turn when Lascelles’ 19-year-old brother was targeted in an unprovoked attack, resulting in an altercation that quickly escalated.

The incident unfolded on Westgate Road, and according to reports, a gang of six to eight men confronted Lascelles, his brother, and their friends.

In the heat of the moment, threats were made, including claims of having a firearm.

Amid the chaos, Lascelles demonstrated his protective instincts by intervening and pushing the aggressor away from his younger brother.

The situation further escalated as a bottle was hurled toward Lascelles, narrowly missing his head.

What followed was a brawl that saw Lascelles and his group allegedly attacked from multiple angles.

Witnesses reported that Lascelles attempted to restore calm, leaning over one of the men and urging restraint, but he was blindsided by an unexpected punch to the face.

The situation grew more dire as Lascelles’ friend was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious.

Lascelles’ brother also suffered a blow to the face, leaving him bleeding. In the face of such adversity, Lascelles bravely fought back, even managing to throw one of the assailants to the ground.

As the brawl continued, threats were allegedly made against Lascelles, with the group reportedly claiming they were going to shoot him.

The incident was captured on video, showing Lascelles’ efforts to defuse the situation before being assaulted himself.

Despite the chaos, Lascelles’ actions were commendable, as he attempted to shield his loved ones and maintain some level of control amidst the violence.

Unfortunately, the attackers fled the scene before law enforcement arrived.

The aftermath of the brawl was no less chaotic. Lascelles’ friend, who had been knocked unconscious, required medical attention and was resuscitated on the scene before being transported to the hospital.

In the days that followed, Newcastle United issued a statement expressing their concern for Lascelles and his friends and confirming that the player had acted in self-defense to protect his brother.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident, aiming to bring those responsible for the violence to justice.