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AC & Inter Milan to DEMOLISH the San Siro stadium!

Milan giants AC and Inter are in the process of DEMOLISHING the San Siro stadium for a freshly built, 65,000 capacity stadium named ‘the Cathedral’ by 2027!

The San Siro is a legend in its own right and since its official opening in 1926 has entertained countless hours of European footballing magic, as well as several FIFA World Cup fixtures.

Sadly, the famous stadium has been a state of decline for several years, and talks of its replacement have been ongoing since 2021.

San Siro AC Milan
The San Siro has hosted some incredible football matches over the years. Image credit:

You may wonder why the Milan clubs would opt to get rid of a home that is steeped in history and cherished amongst the people of the city. AC Milan’s President, Paolo Scaroni, explained that the main reason the San Siro couldn’t be renovated was down to sheer logistics.

Renovating something on the scale of a football stadium requires a huge workforce. The fact that the San Siro is home to not one, but two Serie A teams means that that the building sees a huge amount of footfall every single week. And a construction site plus tens of thousands of football supporters makes for an accident waiting to happen.

As Scaroni put it “How do we play 50 plus other events with a mega construction site in which 50,000 people enter every 6 days?”

The decision was made to build the new “Cathedral” stadium adjacent to the San Siro, so that work could take place away from the throngs of fans enjoying their football. In time, the original legendary stadium will be partially demolished and incorporated into the complex of the new stadium.

The Cathedral Stadium San Siro
An aerial mockup of the new ‘Cathedral’ stadium layout. Image credit: CNN

The San Siro will at least be allowed to reach its 100th anniversary in 2026, and will also play host to the Winter Olympics in February and March as its final farewell.

the Cathedral‘ earned its nickname after being inspired by Milan’s Duomo Cathedral, and looks to be an exciting new home for fans both blue and red.

A prospectus of what supporters can expect of the new stadium read “the Cathedral’s bespoke seating bowl will be the most intimate in Europe, bringing fans closer to the action than ever before and creating an unforgettable atmosphere”

The Cathedral San Siro
Concept art of ‘The Cathedral”. Image credit:

“For Inter Milan, a coiled viper of blue light wraps itself around the stadium, while for AC Milan, the vertical buttresses glow a smouldering red emanating from the depths of the building”

The new stadium is designed by the same firm responsible for Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and the Emirates. It will be reportedly set in 110,000 square meters of greenery, in a pedestrian-only area.

As enticing as the Cathedral‘ sounds for both sides of Milan, you just can’t help but wish it didn’t have to come at the expense of such a legendary and beloved stadium like the San Siro.