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Steve Reid: Forest coach BANNED for calling ref a c***!

Nottingham Forest coach Steve Reid has been slapped with a 3-match ban for calling referee Paul Tierney a “c****”following their loss to Liverpool earlier in the month.

Reid’s actions were part of a larger response by Nottingham Forest, to the last-minute defeat to Liverpool on the 2nd of March – or moreover the refereeing mistake made by Tierney leading up to the goal.

The City Ground was in uproar after the Premier League ref made a blunder concerning a drop ball late in the game. Following an injury to Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konate, whilst Forest were in possession, Tierney handed the ball back to the away side from the drop ball.

Tierney was placed in the VAR team the following week as a result of his error at the during Forest’s clash with Liverpool.

Forest have been fined £75,000 for their response to Tierney’s error, which also saw club owner Evangelos Marinakis having also made a furious display in the tunnel area at the end of the match.

It has now come to light that Steve Reid has been handed a 3-match ban, as well as an extended 2-match touchline ban, and a £5,000 fine for calling Paul Tierney a “c***” in the aftermath his blunder.

Nottingham Forest coach Steve Reid has been handed a 3 match ban and fined £5,000 for calling referee Paul Tierney a c*** for his error in their match against Liverpool at the beginning of March.

The FA’s statement on the events on March the 2nd read “The club admitted that it failed to ensure its players and technical area occupants did not behave in an improper way after the final whistle. The independent Regulatory Commission imposed a £75,000 fine following a subsequent hearing,”

Tierney himself said of his exchange with Reid “He asked me about a decision and I said to him that I will speak to him inside and not outside on the field of play. He then continued to question me and I repeated that I would speak to him inside. He then said, ‘it’s the same every week, you c***t. ‘.

“I showed him the red card and then he said ‘I worked with you f***ing lot every f***ing week last season. It’s the same every f***ng week you c***”. He then continued to use the word f*** and called me a c*** on at least one more occasion (making that a minimum of 3 in total) as we were making our way off the field of play.”

Reid’s ban will mean that he will miss Nottingham Forest’s matches against Crystal Palace, Fulham, and Tottenham. He will also be restricted from the touchline for clashes with Wolves and Everton.