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PREVIEW: Who will have the final say in the 188th Manchester derby?

If we skip back 20 years to 2002, we would be expecting nothing more than a routine Manchester United win whether it would be at Old Trafford or City’s former home, Maine Road.

For Manchester City fans, this derby meant much more to them than it did for United fans because of the gulf in class between the two sides back then, it was more than bragging rights for City but the tides would turn once again… In City’s favour.

We all know what happened in 2008 when City were to become the richest football team in the world, but it was more than that. It was about a shift in power, and to turn a City that was dominated by the red side for decades into a City dominated by blue belief.

Now to turn our attention to 2011, the Manchester derby that truly marked the re-emergence of a City side that were to dominate for a full decade.

23rd October 2011: Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City

Image credit: BBC Sport/Rex Features

A day many Manchester United fans will remember but also want to forget, a day many Manchester City fans will never forget in their existence. The game that ‘won’ Manchester City their first title for 44 years but it was more than that, it was beating their greatest ever rivals by goal difference in the final few minutes of the final game of the season.

Now let’s fast forward to present day, 2022. Manchester City have won a further 6 Premier League titles compared to United’s 1.

What will the next decade bring? More United misery overshadowed by their once powerless rivals? Or a 2012 style battle where they fight it out until the final two minutes of the season?