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WATCH: BEST GOAL in La liga history?

Naming the best goal of any league, team or player’s history is a nigh-on impossible task due to the subjectivity and sheer debate that is bound to arise from all corners of football fandom. But there are some that garner more agreement than others…

One such goal was scored by one of football’s most historic names – Ronaldo de Lima.

Responsible for countless goals & skill pieces (and one questionable haircut!) throughout an illustrious career that many argue reshaped the way the attacking game was played, “The Ronaldo” was also the craftsman of one of the most unforgettable goals in La liga’s history…

12th October 1997 and Barcelona play Compostela in a La Liga fixture.

In a game that would end 5-1, Ronaldo de Lima secured himself a hat-trick – and within that brace of 3 goals was one of the most memorable in his, Barcelona’s and the league’s combined history!

WATCH BELOW as Ronaldo DECIMATES the entire defense of Compostela!