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Michail Antonio issues WARNING to ‘most disliked’ Premier League star

West Ham‘s Michail Antonio has issued a warning about Brighton‘s Neal Maupay, labelling him as the “most disliked person” in the game.

Antonio’s comments came during an episode of the Footballer’s Football Podcast, shedding light on Maupay’s reputation for being a provocateur and the potential consequences that may follow.

According to Antonio, Maupay is well-aware of his role as a “wind-up” on the field. While acknowledging that the Frenchman is known to be a pleasant individual off the pitch.

Antonio believes that Maupay deliberately adopts a provocative demeanor during matches, aiming to irritate opponents.

This reputation has not gone unnoticed among players and fans alike, earning Maupay the title of the “most disliked person” in the football community.

During the podcast, Antonio expressed his understanding of Maupay’s tactics, acknowledging that he is a fan of the forward’s ability to get under the skin of opponents.

Antonio did not necessarily criticize Maupay but issued a warning, predicting that the Brighton player’s confrontational style could eventually lead to serious consequences.

“He is probably the most disliked person on the field. One of these days he is going to get beaten up!” Antonio remarked, emphasizing the potential physical repercussions of Maupay’s on-field behaviour.

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Antonio highlighted the changes in the dynamics of football over the years, noting that in the past, altercations often extended to the tunnel after the final whistle.

However, in 2024, with increased scrutiny and surveillance, such physical confrontations are less likely to go unnoticed or unpunished.

Antonio’s comments suggest that while Maupay’s tactics might have been tolerated in the past, the contemporary football landscape demands a more disciplined approach.