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Viewers FUME as strange ‘SIREN’ noise ruins Copenhagen v Man City match

In a thrilling encounter on a chilly night in Copenhagen, Manchester City emerged victorious against FC Copenhagen with a 3-1 win in the first leg of their last 16 Champions League tie.

Goals from Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, and Phil Foden showcased the reigning Champions League winners dominance on the pitch.

However, the match will be remembered not only for the brilliant goals but also for an unexpected disruption that frustrated viewers worldwide.

The atmosphere at the Parken Stadium was electric as both teams battled fiercely for control of the game.

Manchester City, with their attacking prowess, quickly took the lead with a stunning goal from Kevin De Bruyne in the 10th minute.

Ederson made a mistake which meant Copenhagen were able to capitalize and equalise with a stunning finish from Magnus Mattsson.

Bernardo Silva helped City regain the lead in the 45th minute, putting the visitors in a commanding position.

In the dying embers, Phil Foden added a third goal for Manchester City, securing a substantial advantage going into the second leg.

Despite FC Copenhagen managing to pull one back with a goal , the night belonged to the English side.

However, amidst the football match, an unexpected and infuriating disruption plagued the television broadcast.

Viewers from around the world experienced frustration as a continuous and disturbing siren noise echoed through their screens, reminiscent of a police siren outside the stadium.

The intrusive sound persisted throughout the game, social media platforms were flooded with complaints from fans who struggled to enjoy the match due to the persistent siren noise.

Many expressed their disappointment, questioning the professionalism of the broadcast and the impact on their viewing experience.

The source of the siren noise remains unclear, but it had a noticeable effect on the overall enjoyment of the game for fans worldwide.

Some speculated that it could be an issue with the stadium’s audio system, while others wondered if it was an external disturbance.

Here are some more reactions from Twitter:

Did the siren noise affect you? Or was you able to watch the match in peace? Let us know!