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Luke Littler ruthlessly MOCKS Aston Villa star after Man Utd win

17-year-old darts sensation Luke Littler emerged as an unexpected maestro of banter following Manchester United‘s sensational victory over Aston Villa on Sunday.

Littler, with the precision of a well-aimed dart, mercilessly trolled Aston Villa midfielder Douglas Luiz in a post-match jibe on Instagram.

The stage was set at Villa Park, where Manchester United secured a huge win, rekindling their hopes for Champions League qualification.

The drama unfolded like a gripping match of darts, with Rasmus Hojlund hitting the bullseye in the 17th minute, extending his goal-scoring streak to five consecutive games.

Hojlund’s goal, a close-range finish after Harry Maguire’s header, set the tone for a rollercoaster of events, including a second-half twist featuring substitute Scott McTominay, who headed home four minutes from time to restore Manchester United’s lead.

But the real entertainment began off the pitch, with football pundit and former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand leading the charge in the comedy department.

Ferdinand wasted no time in mocking Douglas Luiz’s celebration on social media, prompting the Brazilian player to offer an explanation for his on-field antics.

Luke Littler mocked Douglas Luiz on Instagram.
The controversial Douglas Luiz celebration which prompted a quick witted response from Luke Littler (Credit: Getty)

Eagle-eyed fans, always hungry for a good laugh, caught wind of an amusing exchange between Raphael Varane and Luiz following McTominay’s crucial goal in the 86th minute.

The duo seemed to be engaging in a banter-filled conversation during the match.

Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, unwittingly stepped into the limelight when asked about Luiz’s celebratory shoulder shimmy potentially influencing the team’s victory.

With a deadpan delivery that could rival any stand-up comedian, ten Hag remarked, “Maybe it’s fuelling, I don’t know. I don’t think it is important. It is about us, we have to think about our game and not the opposition.”

Luke Littler took to Instagram, sharing a picture of Luiz celebrating his goal with a cheeky caption: “Karma is real.”

The young Darts star is a big Manchester United fan, the Instagram story received mixed reactions.

One user added: “Stick to darts pal, leave football to the real athletes”

Another added: “The gift that just keeps on giving, Littler is class”