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The CONTROVERSIAL goalkeeper rule we could see next season!

An interesting goalkeeper rule could come into effect in the next season according to former Premier League referee Mike Dean.

The rules of the game are forever changing, and whenever they do, there are always those for and against the new formats.

The Premier League saw four new rule changes for the current 2023/2024 season, and former referee Mike Dean has let slip that a controversial new one may be on the way for those between the sticks!

According to Dean, the rule could specifically affect Arsenal, Tottenham, and Chelsea.

The rule focuses on the amount of time goalkeepers can keep the ball in their hands. Currently, keepers are allowed to have the ball in their hands or when it’s dead for 6 seconds before playing on.

Mike Dean is the former referee who announced the potential new goalkeeper rule changes.

The current punishment for such a tactic is a yellow card for the offending goalkeeper, or, if the goalie genuinely hasn’t realised he’s held the ball for too long, an indirect free-kick can be awarded in place of the booking.

However, as every football fan knows too well, there are certain shot stoppers out there who take extra liberty with this allowance, and get away with it as well.

According to Mike Dean, the Premier League is considering increasing the amount of time goalkeepers are allowed to hold the ball, rather than focus on more stringent punishing of such a tactic.

The former Premier League official said “I think they are going to up it next year to eight seconds, but I can’t remember the last time a referee pulled a goalkeeper up for it,”

It could be said that this is almost resemblant of weak parenting on behalf of the league officials, by allowing those goalies who do waste time to have even more allowance to do so.

On the other hand, the decision may be made in compassion of a goalkeeper’s position in the situation we are talking about.

goalkeeper rules may change to allow goalies more time with a dead ball.

Typically, when a goalkeeper gets on the ball, it is when an opposition attack has just concluded.

6 seconds doesn’t give a massive amount of time for your team to get back up the pitch and in positions, especially when the match is in its latter stages, therefore the decision may be made to take some of the pressure off of side’s No1s.

So, the proposed increase from 6 to 8 seconds for a goalkeepers dead ball allowance may actually allow goalkeepers to relax a little more, and in some cases even play the ball sooner as a result.

Of course, there will undoubtedly be goalkeepers who abuse this new rule, and continue to add their own additional allowances on top for good measure.

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