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FC Deportivo Galicia: The non-league Spanish football club founded in London

Founded in 1968 by Spanish migrants in Portobello, London. FC Deportivo Galicia are a Spanish club competing in the English football system.

FC Deportivo Galicia were originally founded as a Sunday League team before joining the Middlesex County League in 1995, merging with another Spanish side.

The birth of FC Deportivo Galicia came in the 1960’s when a group of Galician migrants moved to England in hope of creating a better life for themselves due to the civil unrest in Spain at the time.

The Galician migrants had to settle for a new life in England, despite being in the unknown, the majority bravely settled in West London and in 1968 they formed ‘Centro Gallego de Londres’.

So, where is Galicia?

Galicia is a beautiful region in the North West of Spain bordering the northern border of Portugal.

The cathedral of regional capital Santiago de Compostela is the burial place of the biblical apostle Saint James the Great, and the destination for those following the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

La comunidad autónoma de Galicia boasts of green forests and an Atlantic coastline. (Credit: All About Galicia)

Going back to football, the club then merged with another Spanish club called ‘Deportivo’ – so then came the creation of ‘FC Deportivo de Londres’.

The club moved up the divisions after winning many trophies in their respective leagues.

In the 93-94 season, the club won every competition they took part in picking up an impressive treble.

The logo of FC Deportivo Galicia de Londres
The current badge of FC Deportivo Galicia (Wiki)

In 1995, FC Deportivo Galicia would move up to the Middlesex County league, making the transition from Sunday league to Saturday league.

During the 06-07 season, the club had to make the heart-breaking decision of dissolving the club.

Luckily, two passionate FC Deportivo Galicia players made the decision to take control of the club and revive it.

The club is widely recognised across Europe as being one of the best Spanish amateur teams in a foreign country.

Present day, they are currently members of the Combined Counties League Division One and play at the Bedfont Recreation Ground in Bedfont, groundsharing with Bedfont Sports.

The majority of the team are of Spanish nationality, continuing their Galician tradition.

FC Deportivo Galicia celebrating with their trophies.
The Spanglish club currently compete in the Combined Counties Football League (The 10th tier of English football) Credit: FC Deportivo Galicia.

In 2013, the amateur club received its best news to date, the honour of being recognised as a ‘FA Charter Standard Club’ – the prestigious award was given due to the club’s hard work.

The club continues to fight just like the days of its inception, boasting of young talent, majority being grandsons and sons from the original team.

A truly fascinating and wholesome story of a community that bind together through the love of the beautiful game which we all know as football.