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Disney and Netflix in HUGE bidding war over Jurgen Klopp farewell documentary

A documentary is set to air featuring footage of Jurgen Klopp’s farewell season at Liverpool.

There is a current bidding war going on which consists of Disney+, Netflix and other streaming services all fighting for the rights to the highly-anticipated documentary.

Lawton Entertainment won the lottery as Klopp announced he was leaving after the production company started filming.

Jurgen Klopp has spent NINE years at Liverpool but is now ready to call it a day.

Originally, Amazon tried winning the rights trying to make an All or Nothing style documentary like the ones they did for Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal etc.

Jurgen Klopp didn’t want Amazon to film due to their premium pricing.

Liverpool are hoping to make £10m+ from the film.

The filming for the documentary began in December but we are unsure as to when it will hit our screens.