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Crystal Palace V Bournemouth Lerma V Anderson

With the end in sight for the Premier League season theres always fireworks and drama expected as every team now puts pride at the top of the workload to ensure they can finish the season as positively as they can.

So we can of course expect tempers to flare and many things to be taken out of context i mean lets face it thats all we like to do in football right? So a very controversial thing happened at Selhurst Park where Crystal Palace and Bournemouth battled it out but what happened during the game has divided opinions as Jefferson Lerma was seen to have been struck in the face by Joachim Anderson all while waiting for a corner.

With VAR YES everyones wonderful little bundle of joy….. going on to dismiss it despite clear footage and many fans calling for the Crystal Palace player to be sent off referee Michael Sailsbury decided to trust his little gizmo called VAR and kept play going.

Soooo we can all have our opinions and dreams of throwing rotten fruit at the person who invented VAR along with anyone who supports the idea of some silly robot thingy doing a humans job BUT we all have to remember that no matter who we support the weird old sport that we call football (or the dreaded word SoCcEr) if you need a reality check…. life will go on grass will grow and Tottenham STILL wont win a trophy.

Palace v Bournemouth