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Rio Ferdinand winds up Arsenal fans over Ryanair tannoy!

Rio Ferdinand hilariously responded over the tannoy to Arsenal fans chanting “Saka is world class” onboard a recent Ryanair flight.

During a recent Ryanair flight, former Man Utd centre-back Ferdinand was targeted by Arsenal fans chanting in support of Bukayo Saka.

The Gunners’ fans chanted “Saka is world class” towards Ferdinand during the flight, and the former England Captain responded in good humour.

He began his announcement via the flight crew’s tannoy by saying “Hello guys, just wanna say it’s been an absolute pleasure to travel with you Arsenal fans”

Ferdinand continued with “I must say, Saka is a fantastic player – just not world class yet” as he continued to play to the Arsenal crowd.

“He will be one day, but just not yet” Ferdinand finished up his announcement with.

Ferdinand is known for his good humour when it comes to poking fun – just last year he was involved in a playful back and forth in which Jamie Carragher called him a clown!

Rio Ferdinand is known for his playful banter between pundits and fans alike.
Rio Ferdinand is known for his playful banter.

One thing is for sure, and that is that his exchange with Arsenal fans certainly made for a more interesting flight!