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Mikel Arteta lined up as ideal candidate for FC Barcelona managerial role

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has been linked with a sensational move to become the next manager of FC Barcelona.

This potential development comes on the heels of Xavi Hernandez’s unexpected decision to step down as Barcelona’s head coach.

Mikel Arteta, a former player at the top level with clubs like Everton and Arsenal, has been making a name for himself in the managerial arena.

After serving as an assistant coach at Manchester City under Pep Guardiola, Arteta took the reins at Arsenal in December 2019. His tenure has been marked by a rebuilding process and an emphasis on tactical discipline, youth development, and a distinctive playing style.

Xavi Hernandez, the legendary former Barcelona midfielder, took charge of the club in November 2021 after the dismissal of Ronald Koeman.

Despite facing challenges, Xavi’s coaching philosophy and commitment to the club’s renowned possession-based football earned him praise. However, his sudden departure has opened the door for a potential managerial reshuffle at Barcelona.

The prospect of Mikel Arteta moving to the iconic Camp Nou as the head coach of Barcelona has ignited a flurry of discussions among football enthusiasts.

Arteta’s ties to Barcelona, having spent time in the club’s youth academy as a player, add a sentimental dimension to the rumours.

His coaching philosophy, heavily influenced by Pep Guardiola’s principles, aligns with the traditional possession-based style that Barcelona is famous for.

If the move materializes, Arteta would face the challenge of leading one of the most illustrious football clubs in the world. Barcelona, with its rich history and a demanding fan base, expects nothing short of success.

The transition from managing Arsenal to guiding Barcelona would represent a significant leap for Arteta, testing his managerial acumen on a grander stage.

Additionally, Arteta’s potential arrival at Barcelona could bring about changes in the playing squad. His emphasis on youth development and tactical discipline might reshape the team to align with his vision for success.

The likes of young talents emerging from Barcelona’s famed La Masia academy could find increased opportunities under Arteta’s stewardship.

Many Arsenal fans have took to social media to share their disappointment regarding this new development.

One fan said – ‘Please don’t be true, I will cry’

Another added – ‘Just as the club is finally in a good place, Barca come to haunt us again’

Whether Mikel Arteta decides to stay at Arsenal or leave for Barcelona, only time will tell but right now his main focus will be on trying to deliver the Gunners their first Premier League title since 2004.