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Deloitte Football Money League: English sides DROP down the list

Real Madrid have claimed the top spot in revenue generation, overtaking Manchester City, as per Deloitte’s latest analysis.

The 2022-23 season witnessed Los Blancos achieving a record-breaking revenue of 831 million euros (£710 million), securing their position at the pinnacle of Deloitte’s Money League study.

Real Madrid’s exceptional financial performance during the 2022-23 season propelled them to the summit of the revenue charts.

Despite facing setbacks in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City and finishing second to Barcelona in La Liga, Real Madrid’s triumphs in the Copa del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup played a crucial role in their ascent to the top.

While Manchester City experienced a remarkable season with a Treble success in the FA Cup, Premier League, and Champions League, they slipped to the second position in revenue generation. City accrued a record revenue of 826 million euros (£705.6 million) but could not outpace Real Madrid in the financial race.

Deloitte’s analysis revealed a significant overall growth in revenues for the top 20 football clubs, marking a 14% increase to a historic 10.5 billion euros (£8.97 billion).

This surge included record commercial and matchday revenues, reaching 4.4 billion euros and 1.9 billion euros, respectively.

A noteworthy shift occurred as commercial revenue surpassed broadcast revenue as the primary income stream, a trend not witnessed since 2015-16 (excluding the Covid-19 impacted 2019-20 season).

The Deloitte football money league
The Deloitte Football Money League 2024 (Image Credit: talkSPORT)

Seventeen of the top 20 clubs reported a year-on-year increase, driven by retail sales, non-matchday events like concerts, and the recovery of sponsorship income impacted by the pandemic.

Broadcast income experienced a modest 5% increase, reaching 4.2 billion euros. This growth was influenced by the existing domestic broadcast cycles during the 2022/23 season.

Real Madrid’s resurgence was accompanied by Paris Saint-Germain (€802 million), Barcelona (€800 million), and Manchester United (€746 million) rounding off the top five revenue-generating football clubs.

Liverpool experienced a notable decline, dropping from third to seventh place with revenues of €683 million (£583 million).

The top 10 also featured Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal, while Newcastle and West Ham secured the 17th and 18th positions, respectively.