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Brazilian fan killed by beer bottle outside stadium

A young Brazilian fan has been killed as a result of being struck in the neck by a beer bottle after a brawl erupted outside the Allianz Parque.

Palmeiras supporter Gabriela Anelli, 23, suffered from 2 heart attacks in hospital after being struck by the bottle, and has sadly died 2 days after her ordeal began.

Gabriela Anelli brazilian football fan dies
Gabriela Anelli, 23, who sadly lost her life after violence at the Allianz Parque stadium. Image credit: Facebook

Her brother reported that she had been taken to hospital to be operated on following the attack, with Palmeiras making an official statement on the horrendous ordeal.

The Brazilian club said it “cannot accept that a 23-year-old woman be a victim of barbarism in a place that should be for entertainment”.

They also added that they wanted Police to investigate the incident, stating that such tragedies “hurts the image of Brazilian soccer”.

Palmeiras FC brazilian football team
Palmeiras FC want the incident that took Gabriela’s life investigated by police. Image credit: Palmeiras FC

Trouble had begun earlier in the day when the referee was forced to pause the match to allow local Police’s tear gas to dissipate from the pitch, after fans had begun to brawl in the stands.

Santos FC also sent their support for Gabriela, stating via their Twitter page “The four clubs with the largest fans in Sao Paulo stand in solidarity with the family of Gabriela Anelli in this moment of immense pain.”

“So we also embrace all the fans, family, athletes, professionals and football lovers saddened by this unfortunate episode. May this revolting case not be in vain.”

“We, athletes, technical committees and fans want to see arenas and stadiums without fear, without violence, without discrimination or intolerance, with a healthy and fair rivalry on the pitch, in an environment in which joy prevails, such a striking feature of Brazilian football.”

Sadly, Gabriela’s tragedy is not the first, and will likely not be the last to stain the world of football and take innocent life, with violence in the sport far from being eradicated.

We are sure our readers will stand with us in saying that the day such horrors cease to exist within our sport will be a wonderful day indeed. Until then, our thoughts are with Gabriela’s family and friends after her tragic (and avoidable) death.