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Barnsley FC charged with multiple EFL breaches

Barnsley FC have been charged with EFL Regulation Breaches after failure to provide the correct information regarding the shareholdings at the club.

Former co-chairmen Paul Conway and Chien Lee who were voted off the club’s board back in 2022 have also been cited in the charges Conway and Lee left the club’s board after a very bad season in 2021.

The EFL gave out a statement and has given the club and the two former chairmen 14 days to respond to the charges brought on against them.

Barnsley FC have endured a tough period in recent times with promotion from League 1 to the championship and then back down to League 1. Many managers have also come and gone leaving the fans of the Yorkshire-based club unhappy with the club’s way of operation with some even demanding a whole new ownership.

Barnsley have called Oakwell their home since 1887 but the ground is in need of repair which many fans have expressed their anger at the board for failing to give the stadium a much-needed uplift.

The charges relate to the Club: (As per EFL official website)

  1. Failing to provide the League with correct and/or complete information regarding the beneficial ownership of shares in the Club despite a request for such information being made by the League;
  2. Failing to provide the League with the necessary notifications regarding the ownership position at the Club;
  3. Failing to publish accurate information on the Club’s website concerning the ultimate owners of the Significant Interest in the Club;
  4. Allowing individuals to acquire a position of Control without prior clearance from the EFL; and
  5. Failing to act towards the League with the utmost good faith.

Paul Conway and Chien Lee have also been charged with causing the Club to be in breach of EFL Regulations.

barnsley fc
Barnsley owner Chien Lee Credit: BARNSLEY FC

The Club, Mr Conway and Mr Lee have 14 days to respond to the charges.