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Accrington Stanley winger begs fans to stop abusing players!

Accrington Stanley winger Jack Nolan has pleaded with the side’s fans to stop abusing players via social media and at their home games.

Nolan, 22, has taken to pleading with fans over the abuse they are dishing out to Accrington Stanley players, as the side endure a difficult season.

John Coleman, the club’s long-time manager, was sacked alongside his assistant Jimmy Bell following a 4-0 hammering away at Wrexham in March, with things going little better for the side since.

Accrington are currently sitting in 16th place in League Two, having suffered 4 straight defeats, with only 1 victory in their last 8 matches. Despite this, they are still 16 points clear of the relegation zone.

John Coleman and Jimmy Bell were fired by Accrington Stanley following a 4-0 defeat to Wrexham.
John Coleman and Jimmy Bell were sacked following a 4-0 defeat to Wrexham. Image credit: Accrington Stanley

John Doolan, a former Wigan Athletic defender, has taken over as interim manager from Coleman as the club look to stabilise themselves once more.

Nolan said of the managerial situation “Emotions are high but people need to stick by us and [Doolan],” said Nolan. “Their departures have hurt us all, whether you think it’s right or wrong.”

“They [Coleman & Bell] did wonderfully for the football club. I spoke to Jimmy on Saturday and he’s devastated.”

“Now our job, as players, is to get behind John Doolan and give him our most, as we did for them.”

“Saturday was a bit of a flat atmosphere from when we walked out.”

“The fans have been here for a long, long time but we felt it was a little bit negative. When the fans are behind us, it definitely helps.”

Nolan’s plea to fans came after some of the comments that he received following the side’s 3-0 home defeat to Bradford City on Saturday, with the winger saying some of the comments “cut deep” and affected his family.

“I think everyone forgets that we’ve all got social media and we see it. We all go out to give 100% for everyone.” he said in respect to the abuse fans have been giving out to their players.

All three goals in that particular pasting were delivered inside of the first 38 minutes, leading to a hostile environment from the home support.

He said the response from fans made players feel “a bit like we weren’t trying, even though we were”.

“It felt like no-one was behind us. Maybe that had an effect.”

Accrington Stanley winger Jack Nolan has pleaded with fans to stop abusing their players.
Jack Nolan has pleaded with fans to refrain from abusing players at matches and online. Image credit: Accrington Stanley

He went on to say that “I’m not disputing that we were 3-0 down but the second half was much better and the Clayton End was behind us.”

“It cut deep a bit, from your own fans. You have to be thick-skinned and take it on the chin but you don’t expect it from your own.”

“All we’d ask is for fans not to take it out on us on the pitch. There are a lot of young players coming through and they don’t deserve that.”

It’s hard for fans to remain optimistic when their club is having such a rough time of things, however we at Football Post agree with Nolan in the sense that sides will always have a greater chance of finding their form when their support is with them.