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Paddy Kenny on HILARIOUS Neil Warnock & Kevin Muscat story!

Former Sheffield United goalkeeper Paddy Kenny recounts the hilarious story involving Neil Warnock and notorious Millwall defender Kevin Muscat.

An infamous matchup between Millwall and Sheffield United played at the Den nearly 20 years ago was a notable one for several reasons.

First of all, it would be the first time in over 20 years that Sheffield United had achieved a victory at Millwall – and this would be despite defender Phil Jagielka having to play an entire half in goal!

Former Sheffield United goalkeeper, Paddy Kenny, recounts the hilarious tale of how both teams lost a man at half time, and how his manager Neil Warnock had fluctuating emotions on the incident!

Kenny recounts the tale of how he got into it in the tunnel with notorious Millwall defender, Kevin Muscat, who he referred to as a “f*****g horrible f****r”.

Kenny explains how Muscat had, in his well-known fashion, hammered some of the younger Sheffield United players with heavy fouls in the first half.

He goes on to explain that he said to Muscat “why don’t you pick on someone your own size” – not expecting what came next.

The Australian defender promptly head butted the Sheffield United keeper for his comment, sparking a scrap between the two as the teams made their way to the changing rooms at half time.

Kevin Muscat head butted Paddy Kenny in the tunnel at the den, causing a fracas that saw both players sent off.
Kevin Muscat was notorious for his aggressive attitude to the game. Image credit: The Daily Mail

Sadly for Kenny, he was held back by his goalkeeping coach, Andy Leaning, whilst simultaneously being struck on the head with a plastic Lucozade bottle by Millwall man Danny Dichio!

Kenny’s teammates rushed in to join the fray alongside their opponents, before both sets of players eventually made it into their respective changing rooms.

At this stage, Kenny explains that his then manager, Neil Warnock, wanted to understand what had gone off.

“What the f***’s gone off?” Warnock allegedly asked his goalkeeper, with teammate Chris Morgan explaining the situation to their gaffer.

Kenny explains that, initially, Warnock was elated with his players defending themselves, allegedly saying “F*****g love al that boys, fair play to you, we stick together”.

Neil Warnock was reportedly happy with Paddy Kenny and his side for defending themselves at Millwall.
Warnock was allegedly all for his players defending themselves in the tunnel at Millwall. Image credit: TalkSport

The hilarious altercation then takes a turn when referee Iain Williamson asked both Warnock and his keeper to join him in his changing room.

Waiting for them was then Millwall manager Denis Wise, alongside the initial offender, Kevin Muscat.

Williamson promptly explains that both players were to be sent off in the changing rooms for their altercation, and would not be allowed to take back to the pitch.

Sadly for Kenny, Warnock’s tune would change after this interaction as they made their way back to the away dressing room.

Kenny explains how was sat on a bench, when Warnock asks him “What are you f*****g doing?”.

The keeper, thinking that he was still in good books with his gaffer told him that he was simply sitting there, to which Warnock replied “Get out of my f*****g sight, you’ve just been sent off!”

Kenny goes on to explain how Warnock made him sit in the shower for the second half of the match!

Things were looking dismal for the travelling Sheffield United, 1-0 down and without a reserve keeper as they made their way back onto the pitch at The Den for the second half.

neil warnock made Paddy Kenny sit in the shoer after being sent off at half time at Millwall!
Paddy Kenny was made to sit in the shoer for the second half by his manager Neil Warnock after his altercation with Muscat. Image credit: The US Sun

Defender Phil Jagielka had to fill in for the dismissed Kenny, and no one had high hopes at a stadium the club had not seen victory at for over 2 decades!

To add an evermore remarkable twist to an already entertaining day, however, the Blades went on to secure 2 goals without conceding and claim their first victory in over 20 years at The Den.

Neil Warnock said of the incident at half time:

“We have someone filming us this season for a TV programme, and we are hoping that our man has it on video.”

“I would love to see the video come out. Paddy Kenny has a balloon on his forehead like you have never seen. I will take the video to the FA myself to ensure it gets there.”

“If somebody head-butted me like somebody has head-butted Kenny, then I would chin him. We know who it is, but that is not for me to say.”

Millwall manager Dennis Wise said of his team’s loss that fateful day:

“The forwards are there to score goals, and they are not doing that.

“If Paul Ifill’s shot had gone in when we were 1-0 up, I am sure that we would have won the game.

“He was a stand-in keeper and we should have put more crosses in and put him under more pressure.”