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£7,000 Harry Kane statue spotted 4 years after it was made!

A statue of England striker Harry Kane has finally been unveiled a full 4 years after its initial making.

The statue, which was first commissioned in 2019, has laid dormant in storage, but photographs have finally emerged to give us a sneak peak at Kane in statue form!

It was given the go-ahead by Waltham Forest Council, with Kane having been born in Walthamstow, and raised in Chingford. The statue was paid for by a “local initiatives, projects or improvements” fund shared out by councillors.

The statue of Kane was said to have cost £7,200 to make, but the council have struggled to find a fitting place for their bronze tribute to the forward.

Harry Kane’s statue is still waiting to find its home.

Attempts were initially made to place the statue on Chingford’s overground railway station, however this was denied via a risk assessment due to the fact that rival football gangs may target it.

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Another rejected location was Ridgeway Park, home the youth team Ridgeway Rovers, of whom Kane is an alumnus.

Leader of the Waltham Forest Conservatives, Emma Best said “hours and hours” had been spent on trying to find a home for Harry Kane’s statue.