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QUIZ: Can you answer these 10 Premier League questions correctly? 

The pinnacle of English football, the Premier League has long been considered one of the most competitive and entertaining leagues on the planet. We challenge followers of the English game to take on our 10 question quiz to see just how well you know the English top flight. 

Since the league’s conception in 1992, it has seen an incredibly long list of special players, coaches and teams – not to mention memorable matches. With no shortage of shock and awe being delivered over the years by the plethora of unique characters that have graced the English main stage, the Premier League has earned its place among the most competitive leagues in the world.

first ever premier league match
The first ever Premier League match was between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool. Forest won 1-0. Image credit: The Telegraph

Alan Shearer is the all time top scorer in the Premier League, but do you know just how many goals did he achieve in his time at the top? 

Pep Guardiola’s Man City are the reigning English champions, but do you know when they first lifted the trophy?

Do you know which manager has enjoyed the longest career in the league, or which team holds the most league titles? 

Show us what you know about the English Premier League and tackle our quick (and decisive) 10 question quiz below! 

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Can you answer these 10 Premier League questions correctly?