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EA to compensate FUT users after yet another FIFA 23 TOTS error!

EA are expected to compensate FIFA 23 Ultimate Team users after yet another error with Squad Building Challenges (SBC) Team of the Season (TOTS) content.

The highly popular electronic entertainment company have come under fire recently from members of the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) community, due to an alarming number of errors in FIFA 23.

Their blunders have ranged from releasing a full Team of the Season (TOTS) team early, to falsely advertising the content inside FUT packs. EA have already had to dish out a large amount of compensation in Ultimate Team due to such errors.

EA released the La Liga TOTS 2 days early in May this year. Image credit:

Now, it would appear that they may have to do so again, following yet another mistake with the content of an SBC.

The Guaranteed TOTS / TOTS Moment SBC was the culprit, and has since been removed from SBC menus to the error with the pack.

The SBC went live on June the 12th, giving users the chance to trade an 84-rated squad, comprising of one TOTS player and at least 2 86+ rated players, in exchange for a TOTS or a TOTS moments player.

FIFA 23  Guaranteed TOTS / TOTS Moment SBC
The FIFA 23 Guaranteed TOTS / TOTS Moment SBC. Image credit: Sportskeeda

This could be repeated as many times as a player would like, but it didn’t take long for users of the game to realise something was amiss.

Many FUT players used this SBC many, many times, with all of them finding the same disappointing absence from their pack.

The SBC was only giving players TOTS players in exchange for their teams, but never TOTS Moments players, as advertised.

With legions of angry players taking to social media to work out what they were doing wrong, it didn’t take long before they realised it was the SBC itself to blame.

EA removed the pack from the SBC section and released a statement via their Twitter account to notify players of the error and reassure them that affected users will be compensated in game.

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This entire debacle lasted just 2 hours from the release of the SBC, to the release of their apology statement.