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West Ham United condemn fan behaviour after Biraghi hit by object from crowd

West Ham United has strongly condemned the actions of “a small number of fans” following an incident during the Europa Conference League final in Prague.

Fiorentina’s Cristiano Biraghi was struck by an object thrown from the stands as he took a corner, resulting in a bloody injury.

west ham biraghi
Cristiano Biraghi’s blood was pouring down his head. (Image Credit: EPA / BBC)

West Ham has expressed its disapproval of such behaviour, stating that it has no place in football.

The incident took place during the highly anticipated final between West Ham United and Fiorentina at the Fortuna Arena.

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Biraghi was left bloodied as cups and various items were thrown from the stands while he was attempting to take a corner.

This unfortunate event marred what should have been a celebration of football and fair play.

cristiano biraghi
Biraghi had medical treatment during the match (Image Credit: EPA)

However, the incident at the final was not the only concerning occurrence involving fans. Earlier in the day, West Ham supporters were attacked by Fiorentina fans at a bar in Prague’s city centre.

Three people were injured in the altercation, including a police officer who was assaulted during the incident.

One witness described the attack, stating that a group of Italians approached the West Ham fans and initiated the violence.

west ham fans
Fiorentina fans attack bar where West Ham fans were situated (Image Credit: REUTERS)

In response to these incidents, West Ham United Football Club expressed its dismay and emphasized that such actions have no place in the sport.

The club also highlighted that the behaviour exhibited by a few individuals does not represent the values of the football club or the majority of its supporters.

West Ham has a zero-tolerance policy towards such behaviour and will work closely with the police to identify the individuals involved.

Furthermore, West Ham supporters have been commended for their exemplary conduct in Prague and throughout their participation in European competitions over the past two seasons.

The club affirmed that it would provide full assistance to the authorities in apprehending the perpetrators.

During the match, as Biraghi received treatment for his head injury, an announcement was made over the public address system urging the fans to cease throwing objects onto the pitch and to show respect for the players and officials involved in the game.

Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Italiano expressed concern for Biraghi’s condition, revealing that he had sustained a significant gash at the back of his neck that required stitches.

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