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DEBATE: Is Cristiano Ronaldo finished or is there some magic pending?

As football fans, we have to appreciate what Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has done, not just as a player but as an athlete, he has been at the top of his game for over 20 years now. But the big question is, what is left in the tank of the legend?

I think we can understand, he is no longer going to be scoring 40+ goals a season like he was consistently achieving in his prime along with his greatest rival, Lionel Messi in La Liga but as football fans, the toughest pill to swallow is accepting when someone simply just isn’t what they once were.

Ronaldo has accumulated a phenomenal 816 goals and 232 assists in a long star-studded career that has seen him gain 1,226 all-time appearances.

What he has achieved as a player is just staggering, with trophies upon trophies won at glamorous clubs such as Sporting CP, Manchester United, Juventus, and Real Madrid.

He could have scored his 700th club goal tonight but it just wasn’t to be as his United side won 2-3 away to Cypriot side Omonia Nicosia in the UEFA Europa League.

Watch the highlights below and you can see Ronaldo’s BIG MISS:

We hope to see Ronaldo find his old form but regardless of whether he does, we have to remember what he has done in football, he and Messi have not only inspired a generation of new talent but also have shown us that they have been the two best footballers to walk this earth without a shadow of a doubt.

Manchester United next plays on Sunday against Everton at Goodison Park. The question will be, does Ronaldo get his opportunity to not only regain his old form but also to bag the elusive 700th club goal? We will keep you updated with all of the scores as they arrive.