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Gary Lineker set for Match of the Day return according to BBC director

Former England striker Gary Lineker may be making a stunning return to the BBC’s Match of the Day, according to BBC Director General Tim Davie. This follows Lineker’s suspension by the BBC after he criticized the UK government’s controversial asylum policy in a tweet.

Lineker, who has been a regular presenter on Match of the Day, was pulled from his presenting role, prompting fellow presenters Ian Wright and Alan Shearer to boycott the show.

The suspension of Lineker caused the BBC to make last-minute changes to the Match of the Day show, reducing it to just 20 minutes and only featuring highlights from Premier League matches.

The BBC released a statement at the time, saying that Lineker had been asked to step back from presenting until an “agreed and clear position on his use of social media” had been reached.

gary lineker
Ian Wright stepped down from the show following Gary Linekar’s decision, Alan Shearer was soon to follow suit (Image: BBC)

Davie has now stated that the BBC is “working very hard to resolve the situation” and revealed that he wants Lineker to return to his position as Match of the Day host.

“Success for me is getting Gary back on air and together we are giving to the audiences that world-class sports coverage which, as I say, I’m sorry we haven’t been able to deliver today,” Davie told the BBC.

Lineker has been a regular fixture on Match of the Day since 1999, and his suspension caused controversy among viewers and fellow presenters alike. T

The row over Lineker’s suspension highlighted the issue of impartiality and freedom of speech in the media, with many arguing that the BBC’s decision to suspend him was an attack on freedom of expression.

Lineker’s suspension was related to a tweet he posted in which he criticized the UK government’s asylum policy, calling it an “immeasurably cruel policy” and comparing it to “Germany in the ‘30s.”

The tweet sparked outrage among some viewers, who accused Lineker of being biased and unprofessional.

Despite the controversy, Lineker has remained a popular figure among football fans and sports enthusiasts, with many calling for his return to Match of the Day.

His potential return to the show would be a welcome development for viewers and the BBC alike, who have been struggling to deliver world-class sports coverage in the absence of Lineker and other regular presenters.

In conclusion, the potential return of Gary Lineker to Match of the Day is a positive development for sports fans and the BBC. The controversy surrounding his suspension highlighted the importance of impartiality and freedom of speech in the media, but Lineker’s popularity among viewers and his contribution to world-class sports coverage cannot be denied.

Hopefully, the BBC will be able to resolve the situation soon and bring Lineker back to his rightful place as one of the UK’s most popular sports presenters.