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BREAKING: Madrid Zone report that ALL Spanish football could be STOPPED next week due to strikes against Government!

Madrid Zone, a hub for news updates regarding Real Madrid and other Champions League topics, this morning tweeted that Javier Tebas has informed all Spanish clubs that there is a serious possibility that ALL Spanish football could come to a standstill next week. 

Tebas, the president of La Liga, reports that his is due to strikes in response to the Government passing a new law that makes the ESL (European Super League) possible, and jeopardises the La Liga / CVC deal. 

CVC is a venture capital firm that specialises in the sports industry, having made great profits managing productions for Moto GP and Formula 1, amongst other major sports ventures. La Liga’s deal with CVC is set to create a new business (or society) known as La Liga Impulse, of which CVC will reportedly own 9%.

All La Liga clubs, with the exception of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic have agreed to the deal, which will see them receive a share of a reported 2.1 Billion euros of funding that will be injected by CVC into this new company. 

The current reports state that clubs will pay 0% interest on this cash injection, and will have the next 40 years to pay it back. However, they will be expected to follow certain rules in regard to how this money can be spent, with 70% being required to “improve the clubs infrastructure”, 15% can be used to clear previous debts, and 15% to be used for the acquisition of new players / renew current contracts etc. 

For now, the primary concern of fans of La Liga will be whether or not the claims made by Javier Tebas and reported by Madrid Zone are accurate – and more importantly, whether they will get to watch their clubs next week in the Spanish top-flight! 

Vote below whether you think the report is valid, or whether La Liga will continue next week as usual! 

Will La Liga continue business as usual next week?